An Innovative Virtualized Product Makes a Perfect Organization

Virtualization is the core part of modern technology. It makes logical things apart of physical. We can make our things with low requirements. Virtualization makes more result with less requirements. Todays, server virtualization and storage virtualization are mostly used in the organizations and extending across the network and reaching all the way to user endpoints. Network virtualization is a process of abstraction which separate logical network behavior from the underlying physical network resources. The organizations are looking for virtualization technologies to reduce the use of physical resources. Virtualization creates the virtual machines (VMs) which want to different services for organization. Virtualization lends itself to cost savings, efficiency, security and flexibility.

We at Zynux and they introduced about different types of virtualization technologies from the different organizations like VMware, Hyper-v, Virtual Box etc. When we think of server virtualization, companies like VMware may come to mind. From the Zynux, we built a new organization within the virtualization technologies by creating different VMs for different services. An organization may works on modern technologies like virtualization, cloud technologies, server side buildings, Internet-of-Things (IoT), Software Defined Networking (SDN), Big Data etc. Zynux is the resource of all these modern technologies.

However an organization should need servers and storage. We built it within the virtualization from Zynux. Meanwhile we have a perfect organization from an innovative virtualized product, it shows the achievement of Zynux.


Rafeeq is a Mtech Postgraduate. He has successfully completed MCSA & Exchange Server Administration from Zynux. He is a hard worker and technology enthusiastic. Zynux wish him every success in his future endeavors.


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