Sreenath S

Mr. Sreenath S has gained with over 7 years of consulting and training experiences.He also has valuable experience in administration of other FOSS technologies.He has exposure to a wide range of technologies. He has been awarded numerous times for the outstanding performance in his field of work. He had conducted training for corporate, domestic, academic and foreign students in Red Hat Certification programs.He has ability to plan, design, develop or adapt training. His confidence to deliver training to individuals and groups is much appreciatable. He is always up-to-date with knowledge of FOSS Technologies and applications. He has the skill to analyze the training needs of learners and deliver the content accordingly. He has good positive approach to problem-solving and has patience, understanding of different ways of learning and also tact to motivate learners with varying abilities. He develop and retain an up-to-date knowledge of current working practices by periodically spending time working with the operational and support departments.