IT jobs are considered to be the hottest job among all the other sectors throughout the years.Unfortunately,it is becoming a nightmare too!!
Recent reports show that there are huge IT lay-offs taking place in different companies across the globe.The so called IT giants like Wipro,Infosys,Cognizant have already sacked a number of employees and it is expected that many more employees will face the same tragic situation in the upcoming years. Just think of a situation when you reach your desk and you are handed a termination letter stating that you are no longer required by the company where you worked for so long???And that’s the moment which takes you to the nightmares of home-loans,study-loans and EMI’s if any…that moment when you are completely lost, trying to convince yourself that you are JOBLESS from the very next day…Indeed that is exactly what is happening now.
The huge lay-offs in the IT industry have caught thousands of young professionals off-guard.Many are turning to psychologists and online counselling platforms to deal with stress and anxiety.Losing your job when you least expect it is a terrible situation. Especially when you are not even given a second chance too!!
Engineering degrees alone are not going to make you a techie with a high salary job.It is evident from recent reports that techies need to stay updated with the latest technical skills as well to complement their engineering degrees, inorder to make you fit for the job.
As said,”Where there is a will,there is a way out”.
We must make it a point that we stay updated with the latest technical upgradations and innovations.There are several new technologies boosting uu day-by-day.Surprisingly, Open-source is catching the market nowadays.The scope for Open-Source softwares seems to be really huge as done by a recent survey report. And it is evident from the recent ransom-ware attacks which struck worldwide that the security features for open-source is best when compared to others. Hence it would be really good if we can stay updated with the open-source tools.

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